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Available Soon – Biological Gender Determination (BGD)

  • Includes sampling at a location of your choice
  • Completely safe to mother and baby, no risk of miscarriage
  • Testing from 10 weeks of pregnancy
  • Results in 7 working days
  • Testing performed in a UK Forensic Genomics laboratory using highly
    sensitive and accurate technology for human identification

This test will reveal the gender of your child before the child is born. This can be done additionally to the ultrasound determination when you really want to be sure about the biological gender or you can do it even before an ultrasound can show you the sex of your child. You can do this test when you are ten weeks in by sending us a blood sample and we will analyse the tiny fragments of fetal DNA in your blood. If you will have a boy we will find tiny pieces of the male determining Y-chromosome, if you get a girl we will find no Y-chromosomal DNA.

Ordering this kit you will be send a sampling kit and an instruction to contact our phlebotomy group. They will visit you at a location of your choice to take a blood sample. The samples is then returned to the laboratory where results will be available 7 working days later.