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Available Soon – Paternity Test after the child is born (PT)

  • Includes three swabs, one for the mother, one for the possible father and one for the child
  • Confidential results in 7 working days
  • Testing performed in a UK Forensic laboratory using highly sensitive and accurate technology
  • Confidential counselling upon request

This test is performed after a child is born.

A cheek swab from both parents and the child need to be analysed. The swabs and the return postage back to the Forensic Genomics Innovation Hub is all included in the kit you are ordering. Also a content form for both parents is included in the kit. Upon receipt at the FGIH the DNA will be extracted from all 3 swabs and a genetic fingerprint will be analysed and compared.

If the probability that the tested father is the biological father the result will say it is > 99.9% more likely that he is the father, rather than not. If the result is less than this and the genetic markers do not match the baby the result will be a paternity exclusion. There are no other possible results.