Please note that whilst the RT-PCR test is one of the most accurate and sensitive methods for detecting the presence of coronavirus no test is 100%. There may be some instances where results obtained from the test produce a false positive or negative even when used correctly. Based on the sheer volume of demand for the test there could be a delay in processing the samples. Should this occur we will contact you on the mobile phone number provided. The supply chain of some items required in the testing process is under extreme pressure globally and hence shipping issues to labs are possible. As per CDC guidelines, Ct values that fall below the 40 cycles threshold are considered positive signals. The limit of detection is identified as between 750 and 500 copies / ml in saliva samples. Anything over 40 cycles will be resulted as negative. Once a test has been paid for online it cannot be reimbursed due to the volume of requests and allocation of testing kits.

General Returns Policy

For reasons of safety the Forensic Genomics Innovation Hub cannot accept any unused sampling test kits back for reimbursement, once they have been despatched from our laboratory.