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A little history on forensic DNA analysis

Before you start reading about fascinating crime scene investigations and riddle solving, you might be interested in how the success story of the genetic fingerprint started and what DNA-analysis are
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Genetic Fingerprinting

Genetic Fingerprinting or sometimes called DNA profiling is a method to define individual DNA characteristics for one person. The process was invented in the early 1980s by Alec Jeffreys, Peter
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Fusing Forensics and Genomics

The aim of the Forensic Genomics Innovation Hub is it to work in the field of forensic DNA analysis and combine the technologies already used in clinical genomics with the needs in forensics.
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Covid-19 detection or Which test should I use?

If you are asymptomatic but need a Covid-19 test you can now choose from a variety of test, different methods and different manufacturers. But what test is really secure and will provide me with the most accurate result?
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