Your health is your greatest asset, we help you protect it

As a DNA company we know very well that we are all unique...

So, a one-size-fits-all approach does not work for everyone. We are proud to be a leading reputable UK provider of genetic and molecular diagnostic tests dedicated to delivering healthcare solutions that have a direct and meaningful impact on your wellbeing now and into the future. Knowledge is power and prevention is better than cure.

With increasingly more developments in non-invasive testing, we strive to make tests available to you that are both scientifically and clinically approved, without the need for an appointment or invasive procedure. Whether it’s identifying if you’re at a higher risk of developing an inherited form of cancer, detecting cancer early from a home collected sample, identifying the right medication at the right dose for you, or helping you discover and manage the complete picture of your family’s allergies, we specialise in supporting your healthcare needs


Our mission is to provide a full end to end service to our clients. With over 20 years’ experience in DNA testing and molecular diagnostics we also offer a specialised support service through our qualified Consulting Division for independent assistance with test report interpretations, recommendations around tests of choice, confidential counselling and access to our partner Drs and Specialists where appropriate.



Dr. Caroline Parker


Caroline, aka the Duracellbunny, founded the Forensic Genomics Innovation Hub in March 2020. She has spent over 20 years in private forensics, family DNA testing, clinical genetics and infectious diseases across Europe and South Africa. Her sole aim is to help individuals protect their health by providing scientifically and clinically validated tests that can remove uncertainty in both our emotional and physical wellbeing.  

Caroline began her career as a Wellcome Prize PhD student under the guidance of Prof Pat Jacobs at the esteemed Wessex Regional Genetics Lab. She then joined Promega’s Genetic Identity European team before going to South Africa to work as Business Development Manager for Roche Molecular Diagnostics. After missing the lab environment she joined one of the largest private pathology groups in Sub-Saharan Africa, returning to DNA analysis in forensic casework, familial testing, and clinical molecular genetics. 

Never short on energy Caroline enjoys not only running, but also spending time with her family and travelling.

Grant Parker



Grant started his professional career as a pharmacist in South-Africa. He quickly realized his talents in business development and business optimization. After being the CEO and Managing Director of several healthcare companies, some of which he established from scratch, he decided to move to England in 2017. He joined the Forensic Genomics Innovation Hub to dedicate his passion and experience to build this new start-up business. 

He supports the company in multiple spheres, including creating opportunities to provide efficient cost-effective solutions to our customers. His curiosity about the laboratory work, the forensics and the genomics promotes an exchange of knowledge and discussion to forge growth. Having studied pharmacy many years ago he even became a dab hand running COVID-19 PCRs during the pandemic for the FGIH.

Grant also enjoys running, spending time with his family, and jumping on cruise ship with his wife Caroline when they get a chance!

Lorraine Jessop


Lorraine is a Senior Technologist and joined the FGIH in August 2021. She was born and raised in South Africa, starting her career as a junior medical technologist in 1985 at the South African Institute for Medical Research. After working in several labs in South Africa she decided to come to the UK. With over 30 years’ experience in allergy testing and immunology, her knowledge of lab work and quality management makes her a great addition to the company.  If not in the lab you can find her walking through nature or reading a good book. She is always keen to learn something new.

Charlotte Ellison


Charlotte completed Bachelor of Science and Master of Biology degrees in Pharmacology at the University of Leeds before holding her first position in industry as a Production Technician for a biotechnology company. She has now joined the team as a Junior Scientist in molecular biology. With a passion for Pharmacology Charlotte has an excellent understanding of Pharmacogenomics and is eager to see the implementation of pharmacogenomic testing into routine pharmacy.

Aside from this, she enjoys spending time with friends and family as well as exploring countries across the world, having recently travelled through Central America.

Dr Helen Evans-Howells


Dr Helen Evans-Howells qualified with honours from Southampton University in 2005 and then trained as a GP, completing this in 2015. Helen became interested in allergy due to her own experiences of managing a child with milk and nut allergies. She undertook the Masters in Allergy at Southampton University and qualified with distinction in 2018. After working with the allergy team in Southampton Hospital for 4.5years, Helen now runs a private allergy clinic  Dr Helen Allergy, which provides virtual and face to face allergy consultations. Dr Helen lectures extensively across the UK and chairs many meetings on milk allergy.

Helen was the previous chair for the primary care group of British Society of Allergy and is now a trustee for the Anaphylaxis UK Charity. Helen runs a free private Facebook group to provide further support to patients and families struggling with allergies;

The Revd. Dr Mich Erlewyn-Lajeunesse


Mich is a consultant in Paediatric Allergy and Immunology at Southampton Children’s Hospital, a World Allergy Organization National Centre of Excellence. He is an Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer at the University of Southampton, contributes to postgraduate teaching nationally and is involved in clinical research on food allergy and immunotherapy including the NATASHA study, He is the foundation chairperson for the BSACI Registry for Immunotherapy (BRIT). Mich is a self-supporting minister in the Church of England. He was ordained in 2021 and is serving his curacy in the Winchester Diocese. Dr Mich can be reached at or email him directly at

Our Support-Team @Ampath

Dr. Ebrahim Hoosien – CEO of Ampath & FGIH Director, Advisor & Partner

Dr. Catherine van Rooyen – Associate Pathologist & Clinical Immunologist

Dr. Janin Alant – Associate Pathologist, Scientific Advisor & strong partner in genomics technologies

Dr. Craig Corcoran – Associate Clinical Virologist, Scientific Advisor & strong partner in Covid-19 issues

Trudi van der Merwe – TotalQuality Manager, our support in all UKAS issues & accreditation