Bladder cancer early detection from at home urine sample

Have you been diagnosed with blood in the urine? GALEASTM Bladder is a simple, sample-to-report urine test to detect the presence of bladder cancer, or help you avoid cystoscopy completely.

HPV PCR Test for Cervical
Cancer Screening

Take control of your cervical health with this discreet self-collection kit in comfort of your own environment. Unique detection of 24 high-risk HPV types.

Gender Reveal Test - Now Available from 6 Weeks

Identify the biological sex of your baby with our highly accurate screening test from as early as 6 weeks into your pregnancy.

Paternity DNA Test

Only DNA testing can accurately identify the biological father of a child. Our paternity DNA test is confidential, discreet and conclusive. Run in our UK laboratory offering day next results.

Cancer Test Slide
Comprehensive Hereditary Cancer Test

If cancer runs in your family and you're worried about your risk of developing it then our clinically approved 31 gene hereditary cancer test is worth the investment.

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Allergy Solution

A complete allergy test that identifies the root cause of your allergy, gives you a clear accurate diagnosis, and enables you to better manage and avoid unpleasant or life-threatening allergic reactions.

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Recent Update: Allergy Solution ALEX2 Test gains further endorsement from Clinical Immunologists and Allergists at recent British Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology Conference

Innovation is in our DNA

We are a uniquely positioned team of DNA experts dedicated to applying next generation DNA sequencing to crime fighting, family DNA testing and molecular diagnostics. With solutions and support to forensics and families, FGIH is also an open door training facility supporting academia giving the medical/forensic scientists of the future access to the technologies of the future.

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Forensic DNA Analysis

FGIH analyses crime scene related samples using a technology called next generation sequencing (NGS) sometimes referred to as massive parallel sequencing (MPS).


Research Projects

Sequencing the DNA or RNA of a sample is now a more routine method than you might imagine.


Private DNA Testing

Uncertainty can put a lot of pressure on relationships. Paternity testing clarifies who is the biological father of your child.


Covid-19 Testing

We are offering the Fit to Fly Test (guidelines from the DHSC on Covid-19 testing and travel) as well as asymptomatic general testing.


Allergy Solution

A complete allergy test that identifies the root cause of your allergy, and gives you a clear diagnosis to help you better manage and avoid allergic reactions.


Pharmacogenomics Test

Identify how your genetic makeup influences how you respond to over 140 prescribed and over-the-counter drugs. The right drug, at the right dose!

Information and News

Bladder Cancer – Early diagnosis and surveillance monitoring from urine sample

The new innovative GALEAS Bladder Cancer Test detects bladder cancer using genetic markers from a simple urine sample, collected painlessly in the comfort of your own home.
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FamilyTree Genealogy

Tracing family members through your DNA: Kinship and Genealogy explained

Identify more distant relatives with more degrees of certainty through DNA. Read our guide on Kinship and Genealogy to find out more.
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British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology Conference

The Forensic Genomics Innovation Hub recently attended the British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology Conference held in Harrogate.
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