Covid-19 qPCR test Test to Release, Fit to Fly & General Testing



COVID-19 PCR test

  • Collection kit delivered to your home
  • Place your sample in the provided return packaging which has pre-paid postage and post in a Royal Mail Priority post box before midday, Monday to Friday
  • Results available in 2 working days*
  • Self-collection saliva – no blood or swabbing required**

We do NOT offer the Day 2 and Day 8 testing (Arrival in the UK) which you will need for your passenger locator form.

*Sample collection kits and returned samples are delivered by Royal Mail and any handling delays are outside of our control. Kits do not expire so order well in advance of when you need to use it. Then only post it back as soon as you have used it and need the report.

Please contact FGIH if you haven’t received your result within 3 working days of returning your testing kit.

**Please see terms of use for additional information

You are ordering a Coronavirus PCR Testing Home Sample Collection Kit and the PCR analysis of this sample.  We are listed on the governmental website as a private provider of Covid-19 testing. Our Covid-19 PCR home test is used for General, Fit to Fly and Test to Release testing. You simply spit in the collection tube and send the tube to our lab in the return packaging provided. You can also come to our laboratory at the Southampton Science Park to do an on-site testing. Please contact us if you want to do so. We do NOT offer the Day 2 and Day 8 testing (Arrival in the UK) which you will need for your passenger locator form.

After the sample arrives at the laboratory we perform a RNA-extraction. As well as RNA from you the RNA of bacteria and viruses in your sample is extracted. We then take the RNA mixture and specifically amplify only two parts of RNA that are highly specific to Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2), along with a gene present in your RNA to confirm there is indeed sample in the tube. While we are amplifying these RNA pieces an instrument is monitoring this process. It’s like counting the number of pieces of this RNA in your sample. If you don’t have the coronavirus in your saliva the machine cannot count it and therefore your result is negative. We make sure that your sample was extracted correctly by adding controls to the PCR. We must ensure that everything worked perfectly and we can provide you an accurate, correct result. Our method is validated.

What is the difference between General, Fit To Fly, Day 2/Day 8, and Test to Release PCR testing?

Essentially nothing. The test is exactly the same, they just have slightly different reporting requirements.

  • General testing will provide you with a report with the results of the test.
  • Fit to Fly tests come with a Travel Certificate if you test negative which means you are able to leave the country and must show the certificate at departure.
  • Day 2/Day 8 testing – A legal requirement upon your return to England from abroad from a country on the Amber/Red list. These tests must be purchased before you leave England and proof of purchase with associated booking reference numbers shown at departure. You will then take the test on day 2 after arrival back in England from wherever you are self-isolating. You will take the day 8 test 8 days after your return. Even if your day 2 was negative, you must remain in self-isolation and continue to take the day 8 test. If this test is negative you may leave self-isolation on day 10.
  • Test to Release – a voluntary test done on day 5 after your arrival back into England to see if you can end your self-isolation period earlier. The day 2 and day 8 tests are mandatory. This test is not and means you are able to end the self-isolation period after you receive a negative report. You must keep this report and you must still take the day 8 test in order to remain out of isolation.