Next Generation Sequencing in Research Projects

Sequencing the DNA or RNA of a sample is now a more routine method than you might imagine. It is commonly used for the identification of a  species, an individual, a certain disease, or just a phenotypic trait. The problem is that the instrumentation can be very expensive to buy for small projects. We @fgih can provide you with access to two sequencing platforms, MiSeq FGx – made by Illumina and powered by Verogen. Whether it’s adapting the protocol you need on these instruments, or simply providing existing protocols for your research. If you are a student working on your post-graduate thesis or a research group needing exactly our platforms we are here to support you and bring your projects ideas into a reality.

ANTHROPOLOGICAL STUDIES Whether you want to identify the species of a bone or you are doing population genetics we can help you find the perfect protocol and sequencing strategy.

KINSHIP& GENEALOGY If you are analysing an excavation site and want to know if some skeletal remains belong to related individuals we can provide you with the perfect kinship analysis protocols and assist you with the necessary statistical analysis.


MITOCHONDRIAL DNA We currently offer two protocols for the sequencing of human mitochondrial DNA. One is only for the hypervariable regions (HVRI and HVRII also called Control Region) and the other one sequences the whole mitochondrial DNA. Both protocols are based on the commercially available kits by Verogen.

EDUCATION If you need to learn everything about NGS technology but you don’t want to read all about it you can contact us and we can provide you with a seminar, talk or workshop on the topic.


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